1.1 Object Detection in 2D and 3D

Object detection belongs to the core abilities of autonomous systems as they are required to perceive the surrounding environment. Currently, systems based on deep neural networks are state-of-the-art in image classification and object detection.

Fig 1.0 comparison of 2D vs 3D bounding boxes (source)

The vast majority of existing object detectors focus on finding 2D bounding boxes (e.g. YOLO, Faster…


Problem Domain

Capturing a 3D world

3D data crucial for robotics, autonomous vehicle, 3D scale models, virtual reality.


Computed from 2D

Convert images to generate 3D representations e.g. stereo, SfM, SLAM (cheap, not precise).

LiDAR (expensive, precise).

High level tasks in the 2D/3D input analysis

On high level, there are four analysis tasks— classification, partitioning, semantic segmentation and instance segmentation.


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